The route descriptions are designed to give the average rider a glimpse of each route.

Saturday Routes (Start / end at Shelburne Middle School)

52 Miles - New Hope Loop - Pink route
Our primary Saturday route, this is a scenic rural ride for those who like a bit of a challenge. It varies from rolling to hilly but with one mostly flat section after New Hope. In a change this year, the route leaves and returns to Staunton on the same road which features a couple of great views of the Alleghenies. There are also superb views of the Blue Ridge in the middle of the route.
65 Miles - Metric Century - White route
Our most changed route from last year; it now has its own color and heads north to Port Republic on one of the prettiest roads around. And in a significant improvement, it arrives at the lunch site at the 41 mile mark. It’s a rolling to hilly challenge but is a nice alternative if you think the Shenandoah Century will be a bit too much. It comes back into Staunton on the same roads as does the New Hope Loop and Century. View on MapMyRide »
100 Miles - Shenandoah Century - Yellow route
This is a thoroughly enjoyable ride for those used to both the distance and hills. While we have included as many flat roads as possible there are hills throughout. It’s bucolic and scenic with excellent views of both of our mountain ranges, but it’s a challenge-some have even said “hard”. It’s one great ride, so “go the distance”.

Saturday Routes (Start / end at Mt. Horeb Presbyterian)

8.4 Miles - Family Ride - Red route
For young children especially, some of the roads around Mt. Horeb can be difficult. Because we want you to have the best possible family ride experience we have created this new family route that stays exclusively on Rockfish Road. Of all the roads in the area it’s one of the easiest and the few rolling hills it does have are modest. And because it loops past the church, you may shorten or lengthen the ride as you wish.
20 Miles - Shenandoah Valley Airport Loop - Orange route
FAT TIRE BIKE NECESSARY - For those of you who have wondered why we have never offered a GRAVEL ROADS OPTION on Saturday to go along with the one on Sunday, well wonder no longer. This is a brand new route and for a short ride, it’s stunningly beautiful-perhaps the prettiest of the weekend. About 13 of the 20 miles are on gravel roads. And the reason for the name- it circumnavigates our local airport. But come prepared-it has lots of hills but doesn’t have a rest stop.
26 Miles - Blue Ridge Loop - Blue route
As you can surmise from the name, this ride offers excellent views of the Blue Ridge. It is primarily a rolling route but it does have some climbs that will get your attention. Along with the Grand Caverns route there have been modest changes from last year to enhance the rural feel of the ride.
39 Miles - Grand Caverns Loop - Green route
The first 24.7 miles are identical to the Blue Route but then it separates and along with the Century and Metric Century heads to Port Republic and later past Grand Caverns. This additional mileage is mostly flat to very soft rolling and the ride up to Port Republic on Lee Roy Road is one of the best of the weekend.

Sunday Routes (Start / end at Shelburne Middle School)

37 Miles - Middlebrook Loop - Blue route
Early in the ride there are outstanding views both of the Alleghenies and the Blue Ridge. Before reaching Middlebrook you will experience two sections that are largely uphill; one is five miles and the other three. The second of these is followed by a gentle 1.5 mile curving descent into the brunch site that is great fun and offers what some say is the single best view of the weekend. The route back to Staunton includes flat, rolling hills, climbs and more views of the Alleghenies.

Sunday Routes (Start / end at Historic Middlebrook)

10 Miles - The Family Loop - Red route
This is close to a perfect family ride. After the initial ½ mile climb out of Middlebrook, the majority of the route is flat to slightly downhill rural roads with excellent views of the Alleghenies. It does pick up a few modest rolling hills when it turns onto Mish Barn Road and heads back to Middlebrook.
23 Miles - Country Roads Loop - Pink route
FAT TIRE BIKE NECESSARY - A mostly gravel roads ride through rolling countryside in southern Augusta and northern Rockbridge Counties. It features very rural roads (even the paved ones), some hard hills, a great view or two and minimal traffic. And unlike the Saturday Fat Tire Option, this one has a rest stop.
27 Miles - The McKinley Loop - White route
Once out of Middlebrook, this route offers some early easy cycling followed by gorgeous views of the Alleghenies and then climbs to the delightful little village of McKinley. Watch for the “Duck Crossing” sign and perhaps a duck on your way out of town. There are easy cycling roads throughout this route but the 5.8 miles on Newport Road are spent going either up or down (no flat) and the ups are serious climbs. And before the descent into Middlebrook (see the Middlebrook Loop description) you get the three miles that are mostly uphill. But the descent is worth the climbing-at least we think so.
42 Miles - The Headwaters Loop - Yellow route
Approximately the first 6 miles and the last 15.7 (including the 5.8 miles on Newport Road) are identical to the McKinley Loop- White Route--but in lieu of going through McKinley you pass next to it and drop into the Walkers Creek drainage for a 10 mile section of downhill and flat, the first portion of which is fast and technical (caution is definitely in order). The section along Walkers Creek is unique for the weekend as vistas are limited but the scenery is, nevertheless, superb. It’s definitely worth the climbing you’re going to do to get back to Newport Road to rejoin the McKinley Loop.
100 Miles - The Three Loops Century - Green route
This route begins by looping back toward Staunton and is made up of a significant portion of The Middlebrook Loop and all of the McKinley and Headwaters Loops. Read those descriptions and you’ll have an idea of what this ride is about. And while it’s beautiful, it’s also a challenge- in fact, we think it’s hard. You’ll climb up to the descent into Middlebrook three times, twice up to McKinley, twice on Newport Road, once out of Walkers Creek, and once on Stingy Hollow Road south of Staunton- a lot of climbing. But you’ll return to Middlebrook at the 31 mile mark and again at the 73 mile mark so you can cut it short if your legs, lungs and common sense dictate. Still, if you’re up to it, by all means----“Go the distance”.