We have great camping venue in St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. As the start location for Saturday’s long rides, St. Paul’s is conveniently located off the Woodrow Wilson Parkway that surrounds Staunton. The church has space both inside the gym and outside for tent campers, small trailers and modest-size RVs (no hookups). 

Affordable and Convenient.

We’ve updated the camping policies as follows:

  • $20 (2 nights indoor on gym floor) per registered individual or family (on same registration)
  • $20 per tent (2 nights outdoor)
  • $25 per motorhome or 5th wheel (outdoor / no hookups) with a 25-foot maximum length*
  • *NOISE RESTRICTIONS: 10 p.m. – 6 a.m. will be an enforced quiet time, which includes no generators on campers or motorhomes to run during these hours.
  • The Boy Scout troop sponsored by St. Paul’s will be in charge of assigning camping locations when you arrive
  • WALK-INS: If you do not pre-pay for camping at Eventbrite Registration, all fees above will double to $40 per night, based on availability.
  • BREAKFAST: An optional “pay what you will” hot breakfast prepared by the Methodist Men of St. Paul’s is available on Saturday morning inside the gym.

Sleeping Inside the Gym

$20 (per person/singles, or family unit for 2 nights — that is, if you bring a family of 4, you pay only $20) includes sleeping on the church’s gym floor. Bring your own sleeping bag and bedroll. Access to restrooms and showers. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

St. Paul's UMC Gym

Tent Camping

$20 (per tent for 2 nights) around the perimeter of the church. Areas include the grassy hill, woods and also under the roofed pavilion (with concrete floor — see photos in Camper section). Access to restrooms and showers. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Additional camping options (a bit farther out) can be found at

Camping options at St. Paul's UMC in Staunton

Campers & RVs

$25  (for 2 nights per camper/RV) around the paved/gravel perimeter of the church — as assigned by the Boy Scout troop at check-in. Access to restrooms and showers. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

  • 25 ft limit on RVs/5th wheel campers
  • No hookups at all
  • NOISE RESTRICTIONS: 10 p.m. – 6 a.m. mandatory QUIET time. TVs, radios, or generators may not run during this time. On-site Scout Troop campmaster has final say on all noise issues.
  • Additional camping options (with hookups and other amenities) can be found at

Looking for more of a “Glamping” experience?

Penmerryl Farm located in Greenville has some higher-end camping and cabin options targeted to riders of horses and motorcycles. They’d love to show what they can offer bicyclists, too! For more information, visit them online at

Pennmeryl Farm



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